Leadership & Development Module

Develop and track your employees’ talent through our Development module. Also assist leaders and managers develop their leadership skills through collaboration with the use of our LeadSpace Platform.

TotalTalentSolved has built a social collaboration platform that allows managers to communicate and remain strategically aligned across the organisation. Stuff flows down hill, and therefore if managers are not performing towards predefined organisational goals, how can we expect our employees to follow suit?

When developing your employees, a Development Toolkit, consisting of exercises and reading lists, is provided to each individual, where the development areas are based on assessment results and the requirements of the role.

The LeadSpace platform ensures the optimal development of key leadership skills thus resulting in influential leaders who stand out from the rest.


Did you know?

There is a 25% decrease in productivity When organisations fail to implement social technology amongst highly-skilled employees and management.

Why would you not invest in social collaboration?

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