Choose wisely. You’re here for a reason. Choosing a talent management partner goes much further than the amount of money your organization invests in a platform. TalentSolved understands the unique challenges and opportunities that face organizations; and we just enable your organization to be better. From small business to large enterprise, small or large budget, at the end of the day, this is about the individuals and families that are impacted because you’ve made the choice to invest in solutions that optimize individual performance and potential.





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Notwithstanding initiating high-priced programs to attract and retain capable employees, senior executives often find it challenging to retain top talent and acknowledge their own failure to pay sufficient attention to these issues. People really matter, and leaders must develop, nurture and manage employees, careers, performance and personal development. Even though many leaders acknowledge the criticality of developing talent very few spend the time and effort to support employee development. Our solutions enable managers and leaders to focus on transforming employee development and to ensure long-term retention.

Contemporary Challenges in Succession Management

Contemporary Challenges in Succession Management

Key learning points: Succession management should be approached in a systemic manner; Succession management does not necessarily involve moving along an organisational hierarchy; Employees may stagnate when managers fail to plan for the succession of their...

Meaningful Performance Management

Meaningful Performance Management

Key Learning Points: Managing employee performance is critical to the sustainability of organisations; Generic performance ratings prove ineffective and result in demotivated employees; Utilising the correct tools can provide meaningful information that motivate and...

Selection and Business Success

Selection and Business Success

Key Learning Points: Organisations need highly adaptable employees; Retention is a key success factor in selection processes; Highly valid and reliable tools enhance organisations’ performance.   Employees are key to business success. An organisation’s performance is...

Topical Talent Development

Topical Talent Development

Key Learning Points: Employees, their knowledge, skills and abilities are crucial to organisational success; The pressure for organisational success is beginning to raise concerns with regards to talent management practices; Organisations need to build and enhance the...

Contemporary Career Planning

Contemporary Career Planning

Key Learning Points: The business environment is ever-changing; Individual-organisational collaboration during the career planning process proves essential to ensure mutual benefit; The key to successful career planning involves extensive self-assessment and...